Testing new ideas
to equalize food access

Piloting in-home delivery

For homebound individuals, accessing food can be incredibly challenging, especially when delivery programs are cost-prohibitive to pantries. At Vivery Idea Lab, we are piloting technology to provide every pantry with a fully-funded and supported solution for in-home delivery, so everyone, regardless of their circumstance, can have access to food.

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Early results show increased food access, improved route logistics, and workload reduction for pantry staff. With your support our community can thrive.

Give now and help our pantries make 2,000 deliveries in 2023.


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About Idea Lab

Idea Lab is an incubator designed to test new ways technology can be leveraged to boost food access for all and build equitable systems to help people thrive. Working closely with community partners, the Idea Lab tests and validates potential solutions that can remove barriers and solve for the unique needs of those seeking food assistance.

Our rigourous testing model ensures our learnings will amplify impact.


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