Security Overview

The security of our neighbors data, and that of our agencies and networks is our first priority. We understand the importance of maintaining trust and dignity in a challenging world where it seems that everything can be hacked, compromised, or stolen anonymously. For all the power and good that the internet offers, it is also marred with the activity of bad actors.

Vivery Community and the Vivery platform are built using industry best-practices at all levels. Security begins with training of Vivery staff and vendors. It continues by using industry-leading services and development tools recognized for robust security. We follow through and verify our efforts with regular penetration testing and security reviews. We also test our plans using “what if” scenarios. We only use and store data that is disclosed in our Privacy Policy, employing encryption at rest, in-transit, and during presentation.

Those users of the Vivery platform who are administrators of any kind must read and agree to a Terms of Use policy at initial credential creation. As these terms are updated, all users will be prompted to review and agree again. All users, including our neighbors, are presented with a Privacy Policy via a link found on any of our pages or widgets.

Vivery is proud to be built upon the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, utilizing data centers only within the United States. Vivery’s development team is based in the United States.

The Vivery platform features security technology and services from:

If you have any further questions are wish more detail regarding our security protocols, please contact the Vivery team directly.