Vivery launches to help Illinois neighbors keep their healthcare coverage

Vivery launches to help Illinois neighbors keep their healthcare coverage after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chicago, June 8, 2023. Vivery announced today the official launch of, a public information resource for navigating Medicaid redetermination to help recipients in Illinois ensure they continue to receive Medicaid benefits.  

Redetermination (REDE) is another way of saying “renewal” or “re-enrollment” and requires Medicaid recipients to demonstrate that they still qualify to receive Medicaid in their state. This is the first time Medicaid recipients across the country are required to renew their coverage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic over three years ago. Due to the length of time since the last redetermination request, experts expect that large numbers of people will lose coverage simply because they fail to return the paperwork on time.

In Illinois, recipients will be receiving a notice to renew in the mail on a rolling basis through mid-2024. State leaders are calling on community organizations to help educate neighbors because awareness is key to making sure benefits remain intact. 

“The State of Illinois is putting an enormous set of resources in place to manage the REDE process, but surveys consistently show that a majority of Medicaid beneficiaries aren’t even aware they will be required to renew,” said Jon Weber, VP of Health Initiatives at Vivery. “It’s been over 3 years since people went through this process, so it is incumbent upon us to make sure they know it’s a requirement again, and what steps to take.”

Vivery technology digitizes access to food and other services for everyone, so to this end, we are launching to help demystify the renewal process. This user-friendly, plain language site lays out the three steps members should take to be ready to renew:

  1. Update their address with the State of Illinois.
  2. Know their redetermination date.
  3. Watch their mailbox for the notice.

In addition, easily connects neighbors with available community resources to assist them in completing the redetermination process.

“Hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans could lose coverage this year, so it’s critically important that we get the word out. Organizations such as food pantries, which serve neighbors that depend on Medicaid, have a collective responsibility to raise awareness, provide clear guidance, and connect members to resources that make navigating this process more manageable. The launch of, powered by Vivery, is one way we are doing our part,” said Nasrin Thierer, CEO and Founder of Vivery.

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